Outlet Safety Covers (Outlet Plugs) Review

Outlet Safety Covers Review

Electrical outlets, which are present in almost every room in a house, present a constant risk of danger, especially if toddlers are there in the house. As per a report by the National Agency for Fire Protection, almost 2400 children suffer severe burns and shocks each year due to inserting objects into unused electrical outlet slots. It also leads to approximately six to twelve fatalities every year. This speaks volumes about the need for childproofing or Baby proofing the electrical outlets in houses wherever it is at their level. It’s a reason why you need outlet safety covers in your home!

Installing the outlet safety covers in all unused electrical outlets around your home helps to protect children. Babies are naturally curious and might get attracted to an open plug. Until they reach the age where they learn to obey orders and keep away from danger, moms really need help in keeping them safe from electrical shock injury.

Overview on Outlet Safety Plugs

The 36 pack outlet safety covers help in protecting children from electrical outlets which are open and potentially dangerous. This is a big relief for mothers with curious toddlers and babies as they are prone to accidentally shock and seriously injure themselves by inserting fingers or any thin foreign objects in the slots.

From 2008, all new electrical installations and outlets in houses are supposed to meet specific safety standards so that they are tamper proof. Electrical contacts should not be exposed and pressure should have to be exerted on the plug before electrical contact is made. This means that you should not be able to shove a thin object into a plug outlet without using tools. This ensures that small children cannot reach the energized portion. However, in homes where the electrical installation is not yet updated, the Mommy’s Helper electrical cover plates are a necessity for the baby’s safety.


  • They are Viscose and transparent-looking
  • Made entirely in the States
  • The electrical cover plates can be individually used
  • It helps in preventing accidental shock
  • It comes in a pack of 36 count
  • Installation is so easy and requires no tools
  • The extra tight fit for child protection makes sure the baby plug
  • Cover caps stay in place
  • Fits all 2 or 3-pronged outlets


  • Made of thick quality plastic and so it does not easily break or chip
  • Keeps most toddlers away in safety
  • Reasonably priced


  • It is clear and so the children can see through them and get more curious about what is underneath
  • Very painful if they are lying on the ground and if anybody steps on them accidentally
  • Some kids managed to pull it out easily

Bottom line

The tamper proof outlets for baby safety is a necessity in every house with babies but is not a replacement for adult supervision. Once the child becomes older, these are no longer a deterrent and the child needs proper training by that time to avoid electrical outlets. Also, the risk of overheating should be taken care of by periodic electrical examination. We would recommend buying this product because baby safety is very important. Also, the price for this tamper proof outlets for the baby is very low. It means you can buy a lot of outlet plugs for all your power outlets and you will not spend too much money and your baby will be in safe all time.

Our resolution for this outlet plugs: low price, nice view, high quality, transparent material, safe material. All of it makes this product is very important and “must-have” for all Mom’s and their babies!

Please remember – It is very important to understand that outlet plugs can save the life of your baby and it is the most important thing for safety.


Can electrical outlet go bad?

No, this outlet plugs are 100% safe for power outlet.

Can electrical outlet cause fire?

No, it made of electro-safe material.

Can you paint outlet plugs?

You don’t need it, it’s transparent.

Where to buy outlet safety plugs?

You can buy it using a link above.

How to clean outlet plugs?

You can wash it and dry before using.

Are outlet plugs necessary?

Yes, if you don’t want electro-shock for your baby.

Are plastic outlet plugs safe?

Yes, because the material is electro-safe.

How to hide outlet plugs?

You don’t need to hide there plugs because they are transparent.

How to fix loose outlet plugs?

Don’t try to fix it, just use new outlet plugs.

Are outlet plugs safe?

Yes, they are totaly elecricaly safe.

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