Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor Review

Infant Optics DXR-8 Baby Monitor

Life changes completely once the cries of a newborn fill the silence of people’s houses. The newest addition to the family requires complete attention throughout the day for a long time and with the busy lives that people live nowadays, it sometimes becomes extremely difficult to do so. Thus came into existence baby breathing monitors; a simple concept that allowed for a constant and vigil guard towards the baby at all times while being able to do your work at the same time. So, we take one such baby monitor and put it under the microscope to test its effectiveness the Infant Optics DXR-8 from Infant Optics.

To give a literary review of sorts, the infant optics baby monitor DXR-8 has been acclaimed to be the award-winning baby monitor for the year of 2018. Feature-wise, there is nothing of substance that has been left out in the Infant Optics DXR-8 baby monitor. A ton of features guarantees almost everything you could ask for in a baby monitor and so let’s take a look at some of them.

FEATURES of Infant Optics Baby Monitor

  1. Equipped with Infrared Night Vision Cameras for better visibility of the
    surroundings during night time
  2. Unavailability of VOX makes sure that no sort of video or sound is passed
    to the other side through the Internet as the medium giving full privacy
  3. Two-way talk enabled to allow for sounds to come from the baby’s end and
    give some soothing voices of comfort from the guardian end
  4. Remote pan and tilt to get a full view of the room in case of any suspicious
  5. The dedicated monitor ensures that the playback is always instantaneous
    at all times and is devoid of any sort of lag
  6. The LOS (Line Of Sight) is just too good for a baby breathing monitor (measuring
    700 feet)
  7. A commendable battery life measuring 12 hours in audio mode and 8 hours
    in AV mode
  8. Remote thermometer equipped to keep the babies’ room at the perfect
    temperature for him/her
  9. An interchangeable camera lens system with the options to choose from
    the normal wide-angle lens for a wide field of view and an additional zoom-
    in lens for focused views.

PROS of Infant Optics DXR-8

  1. Night vision equipped
  2. Talkback function available
  3. Privacy ensured by making sure that no external sounds are passed over
    the Internet as the medium that could disturb the baby
  4. Excellent quality of audio and video
  5. Remote control over panning and tilt of the monitor
  6. Remote thermometer ensures that temperatures are maintained at room

CONS of Infant Optics Audio Baby Monitor

  1. Cannot play lullabies by detecting if the baby gets up
  2. Unavailability of video recording

CONCLUSION for Baby Breathing Monitor

The audio baby monitor infant optics DXR-8 totally justifies its award-winning performance for the best baby monitor, all thanks to its bunch of features that put it way ahead of its competitors. Being extremely compact, it is also extremely versatile. Owing to its excellent audio and video qualities, the Infant optics baby monitor DXR-8 from Infant Optics is the go-to choice for a ton of new parents. It not only has all the basic features and functionalities that one would expect from a baby monitor plus a ton of other added features puts the DXR-8 in a whole other league than the rest of baby monitors in the market.


Can infant optics dxr-8 be hacked?

No. It is 100% secure and corresponds to digital privacy.

Does infant optics dxr8 have Wi-Fi?

No, this baby monitor doesn’t use Wi-Fi.

Where to buy infant optics dxr 8?

You can buy this device using button above or this link.

How to pair infant optics dxr-8?

You don’t need to pair it, it works directly between camera and monitor.

How to mount infant optics dxr8?

Just put the camera on the table and use it remotely with monitor from a box.

How to install infant optics dxr 8?

You don’t need to install any software because it works with monitor from the box.

How to open infant optics dxr-8?

Please do not open device. If you have any problems with it – contact service center.

How to reset infant optics dxr 8?

It is recommended to try a battery “reset.” Unplug the battery from the device for 20-30 minutes before putting the battery pack back into the device.

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