10 Best Strollers

10 Best Strollers

Baby strollers are the modern-day solution to transporting your baby along with their essentials instead of carrying them in your arms and a separate bag for their things. They also make navigating them easy in order to make your life with your newborn easy. So we have compiled a list of some of the 10 Best Strollers (Single, Double, Joggers, Lightweight and Travel Systems) for you to choose from.

In our review we have compared the 10 most popular and best baby strollers for you. Please check our review and select the best!

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The Infant 3D Lite stroller does not just look but in reality, is extremely well constructed. At the same time, throw in a decent and affordable price tag and you have for yourself a stroller that is not just trendy with its look but offers some real value for everything it carries with itself. But the bigger question is, how does it fare against the competition in the market? The
answer to that question is very straightforward. It makes this stroller one of the 10 best strollers in our review.

  • With its extremely lightweight and durable frame which can carry weights beyond its expectations, the Infant 3D Lite is extremely portable and a perfect fit to carry your baby around town.
  • The comfort on the Infant 3D Lite is also off the charts. The recline on the seat is so much that at its extreme level, the stroller becomes almost horizontal making it extremely comfortable for your baby to take a nap while on the go. At the same time, a 5 point harness assures safety at all times and an adjustable canopy ensures that your precious is always protected from unwanted elements.
  • The suspension on the Infant 3D Lite is also commendable. Sturdy wheels that aim to stick to the ground ensure that this umbrella stroller does not wobble at all.
  • The biggest problem that people find with strollers is the lack of storage space and let’s admit it, going shopping with a baby and carrying the stuff around is next to impossible. The Infant 3D makes life a whole lot easier in that regard. With an extra-large storage basket provisioned, carry whatever you like.


  1. Extremely lightweight and compact
  2. Next level comfortable
  3. Contoured foam handles for a comfortable grip
  4. No back wheel kicks
  5. Storage pocket and cup holder included for easy storage
  6. Sturdy and locking wheels for a smooth ride


No peek-a-boo window restricting you to have a look inside from behind


The Baby Trend Expedition baby stroller is a very clean combination of comfort and style. The design of the same beats the traditional norms of strollers and prams. Where strollers generally come equipped with either 2 or 4 wheels, the Expedition comes in a unique tricycle kind of design with a single wheel up front and 2 wheels at the back. Apart from a unique and
fascinating design, the Expedition also manages to impress people due to its lightweight yet durable frame. A considerate number of features for a stroller, make the Expedition a worthy choice in the lightweight stroller segment of the stroller industry.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Travel System
  • The frame of the Expedition looks really delicate but proves the doubters wrong in every aspect. Built out of Aluminum, the Expedition can hold babies as heavy as 50lbs which means you and your child can make use of it for a really long time. Another bright side to this lightweight frame is that it’s compact as well making its transportation easy.
  • Strollers are all about the comfort and safety of your kid and both the factors are ensured in the best manner possible in the Expedition. Comfort is ensured by a seat that reclines to quite an extent (not as much as the Infant 3D Lite) such that the babies back won’t tire out
    at any point, whereas the safety is ensured by a 5 point harness. If a 5 point harness can save lives of speeding racing drivers, then it most certainly can ensure that your baby is safe as houses in it.
  • The most attractive feature of the Expedition is its storage capacity. The parent tray is so large that it can house a ton of things, making it easy for you to go out with your baby to shop for essentials.


  1. Lockable front wheels ensure swift maneuverability in any kind of terrain
  2. Lightweight as well as compact
  3. Cup holder and especially the storage tray is worth dying for
  4. Quite comfortable for a baby ride
  5. The build is extremely strong and durable


The material used is not of standard quality. It feels really cheap.


The Graco Snugrider Elite is a comfortable and a convenient solution to take your baby on an outing. The design at first glance would throw people off guard and would definitely make up the minds for them to not go with the Snugrider. The build is really compact and seemingly narrow that makes it appear as if there is not ample space inside for your kid. But there
is a solid reason for the same. The Snugrider was not meant for outdoor visits whilst walking, but rather in the comfort of a car. In fact, it is the only seat carrier engineered for Graco seats to safely transport your child in a vehicle.

Graco SnugRider Elite Infant Car Seat Frame Stroller
  • Even though the Snugrider is meant to carry your kid around in a car, the stroller is also by no means a failure of any kind. The design may be unappealing, but the aesthetics put into the build are worthy of an appraisal. The frame is made out of Aluminum which is not
    just lightweight but really sturdy and durable as well.
  • The size of the storage basket is more than enough to allow you to carry baby essentials as well as a couple of your items too.
  • All-wheel suspension and swivel wheels ensure that maneuverability is smooth and bump-free at all times.


  1. Automatic storage lock
  2. One-hand standing foldable
  3. Lightweight and durable design
  4. Large storage space available
  5. Car seat compatible
  6. Included cup holders


  1. Appearance-wise, the Snugrider takes a beating
  2. A little on the bulky side (size-wise) making its transportation as a stroller a little difficult


The DuoGlider by Graco is one of the best double strollers available in the market right now. It is quite obvious, but just in case you didn’t notice, the word ‘duo’ comes in the name which implies that this particular stroller is a worthy choice only if you have twins or 2 kids of almost the same age. The DuoGlider is worthy of all the praises and compliments coming its way. Even for a best double stroller, it is extremely lightweight and more than that, it is highly durable and sturdy in its build. One can stretch a leg and go as far as to even say that it could last you till your grand kids.

Graco DuoGlider Click Connect Stroller
  • The stroller in itself weighs almost 30 pounds, but can seat 2 kids weighing 40 pounds individually. This is enough testament for the sturdiness of the DuoGlider. The same can be detached to make it car seats for the infants.
  • The cushioned seats recline fully to account for moving beds for your
  • Safety in the DuoGlider is ensured by either a 3-point or a 5-point
    harness deeding on the model of the DuoGlider you choose to go
  • The storage basket is one of the biggest we came across in the
    reviews. Forget baby essentials, it is large enough that you can carry
    your own essentials in it as well.


  1. Lightweight and durable to last you till kingdom come
  2. With tandem strollers, the problem is that its maneuvering becomes difficult as your child becomes heavier. But with the 8-inch wheels of the DuoGlider whose front wheels can also be locked, move your kids around town in the smoothest manner possible.
  3. Tons of storage space owing to the large basket.
  4. Comfortable to ride
  5. Included cup holders


  1. The storage basket becomes inaccessible when the back seat is fullyreclined
  2. For all its prowess, the DuoGlider becomes a little difficult to maneuver once the children become heavy and even more when the heavier one is in the front seat.


The Rocket stroller packs a big surprise in its design- an enigma that no one has been able to crack. The fact that it is lightweight is apparent enough in its name only, but the bigger mystery is how. With the frame made out of ‘some’ metal (not aluminum), the Rocket manages to pack a weight of just 13.5lbs. The sturdiness and durability of the Rocket are a
given owing to the metal frame. One thing not of disappointment, but rather another surprise is that even with a metallic frame to its name, the Rocket only manages to carry a maximum weight of just 50lbs- yet another mystery surrounding it.

Baby Trend Rocket Lightweight Stroller
  • Lightweight and easily foldable makes the Rocket easy to store and transport.
  • Comfort on the Rocket is pretty good and is comparable to that of its competition. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its safety. Apart from harnesses, the Rocket comes equipped with dual foot-activated brakes that allow you to manually stop the stroller all of a sudden if need be.
  • Storage is also not an issue with the Rocket. With a generously sized basket, carrying essentials around is easy and hassle-free.


  1. Super lightweight
  2. Easily foldable and thus easy to carry
  3. Comfortable grip handles allow for better grip and control over your kids
  4. Foot activated brakes take its safety to whole other levels
  5. Storage basket and cup holders allow for storage of not just baby essentials but your stuff too
  6. Included cup holders


Seats do not fully recline


The Chicco Keyfit stroller is a great choice to have as a stroller all which is all thanks to its ton of features which are all made available at a value for money cost. It is one of those lightweight strollers that does what is expected from it in a very well defined manner. Other than that, the Chicco Keyfit has been designed exclusively to be retro-fitted in Chicco Keyfit
Infant car seats.

Chicco KeyFit Caddy Frame Stroller
  • Apart from being lightweight, the Keyfit can be folded flat, rolled while folded, and auto locks; factors that make its transportation and storage extremely easy.
  • The comfort level on the Keyfit can be deemed as a standard against which other strollers can be compared. This is made possible by the suspension that has been provided on all 4wheels ensuring that even the bumpiest of roads feel like a joy ride for your kid.
  • The storage basket is also pretty decently sized allowing you to carry a bunch of things around.
  • Toe-tap locking brakes ensure that the safety of your kid is in your own hands. This may feel like a pressure job, but is, in fact, a better alternative than any other safety measure.


  1. Lightweight and durable (thanks to the metallic frame)
  2. Easily foldable and this easily transportable
  3. All-wheel suspension
  4. Decent parent tray for storage
  5. Height-adjustable push handle
  6. Foot brake enabled
  7. Inexpensive


  1. No safety harnesses
  2. Not smooth in its movement


The Expedition double umbrella stroller is a must-have not for parents with twins or kids of the same age, but rather for parents who not just love to run all the while pushing their toddlers around, but also like walking briskly or taking their kids in strollers to stores or malls or something; basically, parents who like to travel here and there with their kids.

Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogger
  • The best part about the Expedition is the side by side seats. Where most double strollers have front and back seating, the Expedition allows the kids to build their sibling bond all the while enjoying the offerings of the world.
  • The bicycle tires mounted on a tricycle design make the Expedition stand out from the crowd. The bicycle tires owing to their size ensure that shocks are reduced in the best manner possible in contrast to the standard stroller wheels.
  • Storage space in the Expedition is a wonder to behold. Apart from the standard storage boxes beneath (yes, that’s right, boxes), this double stroller also has like a gazillion pockets into which you can throw anything. Like, the storage is so much that if you go out and all of a sudden decide to do grocery shopping, you need not worry about how you’re going to carry everything back; the Expedition has you covered.


  1. Fully reclining seats
  2. Lightweight and sturdy in its build
  3. 5-point safety harness to ensure safety at all times
  4. Side by side seating
  5. Pneumatic bicycle tires
  6. Tons of storage space
  7. Included cup holders
  8. Easy to fold and store


  1. The front swivel wheels wobble too much
  2. Side by side seating may be a wonder, but becomes a hindrance in compact spaces


Versatile is the perfect word that can describe and summarize the Phantom model of the Expedition stroller. You can opt to use it as a stroller or even as a car seat carrier. The style and the design of the Expedition Phantom are similar to its brother- the Expedition Double Jogger aside from the fact that the Phantom is a single-seater stroller: the tricycle inspired design with bicycle wheels are a thing of warmth to the eyes. Even warmer is the price tag associated with the Phantom.

Baby Trend Expedition Jogger Stroller
  • Comfort on the Expedition Phantom is unparalleled by any other stroller in the market right now which is made possible by the extra cushioning and padding done in the seats.
  • The extra cushioning and seat padding not just provide comfort, but also add another layer of security apart from the 5-point harness already present.
  • The Phantom very effortlessly compacts into a fold making its transportation and storage facile.
  • The high-quality bicycle tires ensure that the ride is always and constantly smooth for your kid.


  1. Extra-wide push handles
  2. Lightweight and easily affordable, thus making it extremely portable
  3. Adjustable canopy
  4. Multi-position reclining seat padded and stuffed with extra materials to account for elevated levels of comfort and safety
  5. Included cup holders
  6. Large and quality wheels offer improved stability and maneuverability
  7. The storage tray is quite huge (a standard for the competition to match)


  1. The extra foam may provide safety and comfort, but is still a little too hard on a surface for infants
  2. The latch system is quite ineffective in terms of the lever being difficult to press.


Baby trend has always been the trendsetter for toddler strollers. The Pathway 35 is yet another testament to the fact. Like all of its products, the Pathway too boasts of a tricycle inspired design complemented by bicycle wheels for satisfying the desired purposes. The Pathway jogger has been designed by keeping safety as well as convenience in mind. A bunch of standard and a couple of extra features in the Pathway made available at a decent price makes it one of the best strollers out there at the moment.

Baby Trend Pathway 35 Jogger Travel System
  • Safety has been the primary key of concern addresses in the Pathway 35. Apart from a 5-point harness, tether straps and wheel brakes have been included to keep your child safe as houses.
  • Although the seat does not recline fully to give a flat surface, it does, however, recline in multiple positions to give your kid’s back the rest it needs efficiently.
  • The one unique thing of note in the Pathway are the air-filled tires that ensure an even more comfortable ride.


  1. Easy trigger foldable allowing for easy storage and transportation
  2. Reclining seat
  3. Air-filled tires for comfortable riding. The same equipped with foot brakes account for another level of safety
  4. Lockable swivel wheels for easy maneuverability
  5. Decent sized storage basket
  6. Included cup holders


  1. The plastic used in construction feels really cheap
  2. Car seat strap is short


The Kolcraft Cloud Plus lightweight stroller is one of the most awesome strollers owing to a bunch of awesome features packed in it. But again, the bigger question arises, does it live up to its own standards that it sets due to its features? Well, the answer is sadly a no. Some reasons that prevent this stroller from being the best umbrella stroller despite it being feature-packed.

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Lightweight Compact Stroller
  • The Kolcraft cloud plus is one of the lightest strollers on this list. Weighing at just 10.5 pounds, one won’t even feel as if they are even carrying anything.
  • The storage basket is just huge. Had the carrying capacity of the stroller been a little bit high, the basket is enough for you to carry around a week’s groceries easily.
  • It can be easily folded and once that is done, it can even stand upright.
  • The seat can recline fully which means that your child can always take a comfortable nap.


  1. 5-point harness for safety
  2. All-terrain wheels complemented by suspensions in the front wheels
  3. Fully reclining seat
  4. Extremely light and compact
  5. Easily foldable
  6. Highly affordable


  1. The cup holders are too small. Can’t even accommodate a water bottle.
  2. The handlebar is too low.
  3. It folds easily but does not do so in a compact and space-efficient manner
  4. The all-terrain wheels also do not live up to the expectations

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